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Readers’ reviews of BROTHERS

“I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good yarn set in a historical context. It is an epic tale of Roman Britain, family conflict, politics and fighting between the occupying forces and rebellious indigenous Celts. Backed up by careful research. I couldn’t put it down. A great debut book. I hope we may look forward to another.”                                                                  S. Brown

“A well-written story set in Roman Britain. Well researched. Has all the elements of a good tale; betrayal, love and treachery! Very readable, romped through it quickly. It definitely calls for a sequel.”                                   Rosemary  D

“Well-written, good historical background, interesting characters. I found the story enthralling and couldn’t put it down. Definitely recommend. J. Carter

“…I was hooked.  I couldn’t put it down, so exciting and so accurate. I thought the characters were well-drawn, events were believable, and I liked the divisions into sections with different happenings as the story progressed. Great achievement”. Derek G.


Professional Reviewers comments

“ . . . highly readable story brims with rich characters whose fears, anger, anguish and deep love allow readers to connect emotionally.  -Kirkus

. . . the story delivers a rewarding and compelling read that would satisfy the fan of historical fiction.”  -Blueink

“ . . . the dialogue is realistically written and the rest of the book’s prose is solid.

. . . the level of historical background knowledge and research woven into the plot is a strong point for the novel.”   -Foreword Reviews


About Brothers

After the Roman Conquest of Britain in AD43 much of the south of Britain was quickly subdued. There remained for many years pockets of resistance, particularly in what is now Wales and in the North of Britain. This story is set mostly in what is now Gloucestershire and partly in what is now Wales. It is of the interaction between native Britons and Romans. Verluccus a native boy is stolen from his home, branded, and given to an indulged Roman child Gaius Marcius. He quickly runs away and is thought to have been killed. After nine years the uncle of Gaius Marcius recaptures him fighting amongst rebels. He restores him to his owners and eventually he comes to terms with his lot but is forced to betray one of his own brothers who has continued fighting. Verluccus however falls in love with the sister of Gaius Marcius, and she with him. Their love must remain secret.


Now published by BookVenture Publishing LLC

ISBN- 13

Soft cover 978-1-64069-977-9

Pdf          978-1-64069-978-6

ePub       978-1-64069-979-3

Kindle    978-1-64609-980-9